Interact with your data to expand insights, reduce denials, improve cash flow, and take immediate action on expanding process efficiency. Build performance management, trend analytics, and effective real-time communication channels to deploy results throughout the enterprise.

With changing compliance, protocols, rules and regulations in the healthcare industry, providers are dedicating unprecedented attention to managing business processes and workflows to ensure optimal collections in the face of growing financial challenges. Healthcare organizations today have to arm themselves with the right tools to win in cutthroat competition. This translates into intelligent data & analytics that can help them to leverage their resources, plan strategically, and drive the business forward.

The Infinx advantage

With an aim of providing a powerful business intelligence solution, Infinx has developed Trackassure to streamline your RCM business, thereby improving financial and clinical outcome through analytics.

The proprietary software solution is efficient, scalable, easily deployable, and provides the perfect selection of data and analytics to aid organizations make informed decisions. With detailed reports, at-a-glance executive dashboard, KPI display, Trackassure delivers meaningful insights to the decision makers in their quest for enhancing outcomes. It accords detailed business intelligence to track productivity levels, increase organizational efficiency and improves cash flow.

The framework for this turnkey software solution contains below modules:

Performance Management Module

TrackAssure’s Performance Management Module allows you to track productivity and quality across each process on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis. It also allows you to track performance at an individual level, helping you to identify the top and bottom performers.

Trend Analytics

Its Trend Analytics Module allows you to analyze & interpret “data trends” through comparison to find out whether you are making a progress or regress over time. This helps in making predictions about future outcomes through historic trends, supporting better decision making.

Report Linker

The Report Linker module helps you produce various types of reports within a click of a button. It also gives you the flexibility to build-in and customize your own reports. This enables you to quickly produce multiple reports and share it with your customers at any point of time. It saves your time in manual preparation of reports and hassles to update and maintain them.


The Chatter module simplifies and allows real-time communication between teams to help them maintain updates, manage & resolve queries and exceptions on a daily basis.