Successful PMS Data Migration Project for Nationwide Radiology Group

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The Background

This Infinx customer ranks among the premier providers of diagnostic imaging services in the United States, with a network of over 250 state-of-the-art outpatient facilities, offering comprehensive medical imaging including PET/CT, MRI, CT, nuclear medicine, mammography, ultrasound and X-ray. Partnering with prominent healthcare organizations as well as multiple independent physician associations (IPAs), they deliver four million imaging procedures to over 750,000 patients annually.

The Challenge

After initially switching from an antiquated DOS-based IT system to a name-brand healthcare practice management software (PMS) in early 2015, within months our client realized it was far from a turnkey conversion. Numerous, nagging issues became clear:

  • New PMS lacked needed functionalities
  • Overall system was slow and inefficient
  • Unfavorable cost/performance ratio
  • Low reimbursement rates
  • Increased patient complaints

Customer Goal: Fix the Mistake

In light of these shortcomings, our client elected to rectify their original choice by replacing the inadequate new PMS with the latest version (v15) of the highly-regarded radiology-oriented PMS suite from Imagine Software. This created new challenges in successfully migrating and reconciling their entire database to a third PMS system.

With limited in-house IT resources, they recognized the need to enlist a third-party partner with expertise in large-scale data migration as well as specific experience with the Imagine platform.  Backed by a successful track record – strong planning and prompt turnarounds – with similar projects, Infinx proved to be the perfect fit.

Our Strategy

Based upon their previous experience, Infinx set upon developing an actionable timeline for this new project:

  • In response to initial customer discussions, Infinx deployed a dedicated onsite manager to personally oversee the full transition.
  • An overall ramp-up plan was developed, marked by a series of progressive goals.
  • An ad hoc team of 200 PMS specialists was assigned to this project.
  • A separate team was formed to reconcile data from different systems, along with a third team of internal auditors to double-check for errors during the migration process.
  • Infinx allocated additional scalable resources to accommodate increasing volume from centers newly acquired by the client.
  • An ongoing tracking mechanism was developed and deployed to monitor multi-system transactions to prevent leakage of data.

Infinx Delivers

The customer was pleased with Infinx’s successful completion of this daunting IT project, noting several impressive milestones:

  • Their entire system-wide database was successfully reconciled from previous systems, rapidly migrated onto the Imagine platform.
  • Monthly deliverables were closed on time with no outstanding balancing issues.
  • The entire migration process was completed within 90 days, with a 99.5% accuracy rate.
  • One million transactions are processed monthly, with $100 million total revenue.

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InfinxSuccessful PMS Data Migration Project for Nationwide Radiology Group

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