Revenue Cycle Management For Physicians

Revenue Cycle Management for Physicians

Every medical specialty has its own intricate system of preauthorizations, medical coding , medical billing, claims and contracted reimbursements. When you layer 144,000 ICD-10 codes, staffing, scheduling and quality metric pressures on top of that, the risk of leaking revenue is at an all time high.

Infinx captures and protects revenue for multiple healthcare specialties by providing cutting edge medical revenue services. We believe that if you deliver specialty care, you deserve specialty RCM solutions.


When one fracture has more than 1,000 ICD radiology codes, you know it’s time to call in the RCM experts. Shrinking imaging demands expanding vigilance to capture every dime. Infinx brings aggressive revenue capture to your door.

With our radiology billing and coding services how we can increase your radiology RCM, immediately.

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Perhaps no other specialty is under greater scrutiny, or regulation, than pharmacy. RCM has to be accurate the first time or you risk costly review and appeals.
With our pharmacy management solutions, our experts meticulously safeguard your RCM. Learn how we guarantee exacting RCM for pharmacy, improving your bottom line.

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Rapidly changing regulations, complex diagnostic tests, multiple payors and alpha-numeric ICD-10 codes requiring keywords and diagnosis – what’s a lab manager to do?

Call in the experts who deliver pristine patient eligibility and 100% error free preauthorizations, along with skilled coding, aged A/R and claims denial management that will help improve the bottom line of your pathology practice.

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Ambulatory Care

Ambulatory care volume is increasing exponentially. RCM must keep pace with patient volume or become a bottleneck that shrinks your bottom line.

Reduce preauthorization time and rigorously capture revenue. Learn about our 20 minute STAT preauthorization turnaround to fill patient schedules and increase revenue.

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Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a high growth specialty. It is also one with a high percentage of patient self-pay.

Infinx relieves you of self-pay collection frustrations while increasing patient satisfaction. We eliminate your RCM pain. Learn how we can improve RCM for your plastic surgery practice today.

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Occupational Therapy

Every referral to occupational therapy should be protected with accurate billing and smooth claims processing. The smoother your in-house RCM processes, the stronger your relationship with referring hospitals and physicians.

To learn how Infinx can improve referrals, revenues and patients satisfaction with our occupational therapy billing and coding services, contact us today.

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Physical Therapy

Just as you work to return your patients to full mobility, Infinx works to return your RCM to a fully functional profit center with physical therapy billing and coding services. Detailed coding and other A/R functions are the secrets to a healthy revenue stream and precise RCM for your specialty.

To learn more about how we can manage physical therapy RCM for you, contact us today.

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Physician Groups Practice

Revenue pressures and administrative tasks take precious time from patient care – 1 to 2 full days according to national estimates. You can’t grow a practice while continually losing billable hours.

When Infinx manages your RCM, you watch revenue climb along with patient volume. Learn more about how we remove coding and A/R obstacles with our practice management system and medical practice solutions, and improves the flow of cash to your bottom line.

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Hospitals absolutely must have solid RCM systems to survive. It is that simple and that complex.

Implement revenue producing RCM processes system-wide, streamlining workflow and increasing bottom line revenue. Discover how we can strengthen your hospital revenue cycle management processes and increase revenue with our hospital management system.

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With Infinx medical revenue services, we manage, collect and protect your revenue, and you can turn your full attention to specialty patient care. Start today.

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