SAP Implementation Methodology

Infinx’s implementation technology stems from the vast experience of our local project managers and has been perfected by our knowledgeable consultancy team. This implementation guide is provided to make our customers understand the extent of the software, its responsibilities, and different phases and follow ups that are required for its successful implementation.

As compared to other software designed to integrate in mid and small sized companies, SAP is easier to implement and work on. With their built-in configuration tools and Software Development Kit, it gets the system up and running in the shortest time.

Before the implementation process, we try to analyze the business process of the organization, which assists in seamless execution of SAP Business One. With the combined efforts of our end users and the Infinx team, we accomplish the data entry process in minimum time and go live as soon as possible.

Infinx understands that small and mid-level companies of India require the ability to expand and stay dynamic in their processes. We therefore keep the methodology and project management systems as simple and structured as possible.

Requirements for a successful implementation of SAP Business One

There is no ‘one size fits all’ guide to successfully apply the software in any organization. SAP Business One’s implementation can be applied to simple processes of three user systems to complex, large scale multinational systems; adjusting to different management processes, geographies, legal and fiscal requirements.

Nevertheless, here are a few notes from our experienced SAP implementation team:

  • Always choose a SAP Business One partner who has previous experience in your industry
  • List a comprehensive scope of work of the organization before initiating the configuration phase
  • Ensure that your team is trained on the system to allow seamless execution
  • Ensure that the organization completes a ‘board room pilot’ and user-acceptance testing before the software goes live
  • Test for data conversions and opening balances
  • Provide adequate timelines before going live
  • Test for integration work on multiple levels and scenarios
  • Anticipate change and user expectations in your organization

Key Deliverables

  • Blue Print of organization
  • ‘SAP Business One’ Application
  • Adequate License Key
  • Configured database
  • Adequate training to end users
  • Specialized training for Superuser Administrator
  • Client Portal Introduction of SAP
  • Relevant documentation
InfinxSAP Implementation Methodology