Fast, reliable, and qualitative. That’s how enterprises want their inventory labeling and fraud control solutions to be. There is also a need to harness a comprehensive platform for multitude users.

Businesses face the challenge to standardize a technology that can track their inventory in real time while reducing administrative error, eliminating internal theft, and accurately recording sales orders. This market scenario has pushed manufacturers to compete with each other by optimizing their supply chain process. With such massive strategic potential, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is fast becoming a reliable prospect to aid industry demand.

The Infinx advantage

Infinx Services has built an extensive platform that enables an integrated and collaborative solution supporting several applications on a single system. This cutting-edge technology controls inventory management and fraud control protection to assist businesses in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and fashion/luxury domain enhance their operational efficiency. It actively accelerates the processing of picking, packing, and shipping of goods, minimizes labor and stock outs, auto-reorders inventory flow, and instantly shares dashboards across multiple systems.

The system also offers flexibility to record every entity that handles the product, provides product self-authenticity to customers through mobile phone applications, and helps brands to retain customer loyalty. Manufacturers, brand owners, and distributers feel protected from being a victim of fraud by:

  • Controlling everything from a centralized panel and getting automatic notifications from the central product datastore on the completion of every process
  • Tracking work flow mechanism between manufacturers and warehouses through “Veri-Sure”
  • Checking authenticity of product at each user level through RFID tags and NFC technology mobile app
  • Getting customized unique RFID tags in various shapes and white label “Veri-Sure” to match their branding
  • Customizing Mobile App for their product consumers
InfinxRFID & NFC