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RevX streamlines contract management with your payors

Our goal is to deliver the information you need to negotiate the highest paying and highest performing contracts, helping you realizing up to 20% more revenue.

Many of today’s healthcare practices must contract with numerous insurance companies. That means working with hundreds of data combinations for coverage, forms, billing procedures, and negotiated reimbursement rates. RevX organizes that data to your benefit, using proven workflow improvements like:

  • Automated payment rules to remove repetitive data entry.
  • Complete status view of each patient, including all the documentation need for references, in a single screen.
  • Bills that automatically flow to insurers, along with tracking alerts until the payments arrive.

RevX delivers a clear, accurate picture about your healthcare revenue cycle

With best-in-class efficiency and performance features, RevX guarantees compliance with the most up-to-date, strict federal and state regulations. With RevX, our clients can:

  • Track reimbursements and payor contracts in real time using an automated alert system.
  • Compare unlimited payor compliance and reimbursements with contract terms, on a single dashboard.
  • Access details of every payor and every type of payment methodology, with a centralized location for fee schedule management.
  • Transfer critical data in multiple file formats, within a secure cloud storage system.
  • Automate exports to save more time and minimize data errors.

How RevX works

How this technology will benefit you

RevX Delivers Actionable Business Intelligence

With RevX, you start with a rock solid foundation upon which you can formulate profitable business projections for the future. Analyze impact of future reimbursements and make informed decisions to negotiate contracts that perform better.

Call us about RevX today. Your successful contract management future awaits.
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