Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

RCM solutions that will simplify your revenue stream and focus on patient care

RCM is either well under control and increasing your revenue stream, or it has created a bottleneck that is strangling patient volume growth. That’s the bottom line. This is the reason why Infinx has simplified healthcare RCM management with our revenue cycle solutions.

We help you focus on practice priorities

Your practice deserves a powerful and reliable solution for effective RCM. With experienced support and advanced software, you can aggressively accelerate patient pay and successful claims while still controlling insurance verification, preauthorization, coding, and billing processes.

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99% of all preauthorization requests are approved with Infinx. Patient’s insurance coverage is verified and co-pay is calculated.  Efficient pre-registration means more successful claims, significantly fewer denials and uninterrupted revenue for your healthcare practice.

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Medical Coding

If medical coding is the DNA of your practice revenue, then mapping it precisely is essential to your bottom line. We can navigate ICD-10 medical coding with speed in order to increase revenue for your practice.

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Medical Billing

Medical billing is a complex revenue function that depends upon timely completion of tasks and skilled handling of details. We bring precision to the management of your billing needs with our medical billing services – from patient charge entry  to credit balance medical billing resolution.

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Manage productivity and quality at each revenue process level. Our healthcare analytics tools monitor the performance of staff at each step of the coding, billing and A/R process, and use the results to help you improve projections with smart analysis.

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Let us help you protect your revenue so that you can focus on patient care. Contact us today to learn more about our RCM solutions.

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