Modern, delightful system that gives you a complete contract management solution. You can now compare payors’ actual reimbursements with their contracted rates from any enabled system and get guaranteed 20% return enhancement.

With the complexity of reimbursements along with changing codes and procedures to manage, organizations dealing with vendors need an intelligent tool that can compare payors’ actual reimbursements with their contracted rates and provide a detailed assessment of the expected payment amount and payors’ transactions, which provides contract management solutions.

The Infinx advantage

Infinx offers RevAssure – a centralized system that works as a robust payor contract and fee schedule management tool. It allows the organization to track the payors’ contracts and reimbursements in real time from anywhere.

RevAssure points out discrepancies in the payment and predicts contractual write-offs; compares and matches the allowed amount from payor’s with the contract amount and streamlines your billing system; centralize payment system to ensure seamless management and collection of bills; provides financial analytics of each payor and impact analysis of anticipated changes to the allowed amounts; and gives a consolidated view of all variances in payments across all locations

Salient Features

Reimbursement Analysis and Contract Management

RevAssure compares payors’ actual compliance along with the contract terms. It provides analysis on the impact of future reimbursements and provides insights to negotiate better-performing contracts in the future.

Far and near sighted view

The user can utilize this software to gather information about different payment methodologies and at the same time, get access to the details of every individual payor.

No software required for access

RevAssure is hosted externally. You can access the data using any web browser and get the details without installing the software.

Easy-to-Access information

RevAssure can collate unlimited contracts of unlimited payors and gives you the power to organize them in an easy-to-use format. It also supports every type of payment methodology to make Payor Contract and Fee Schedule simple and manageable.

Ease of analysis

The software provides key analysis, such as payment backlogs, discrepancies in amount, average settlement time and other important functionalities that helps measure your business performance.

System of Alerts

RevAssure has an automated alert system that assists in monitoring payors and timely collection of payments to minimize its effect on the bottom line.

Ease of Import/Export

RevAssure allows transfer of data in multiple file formats and can schedule exports to run automatically, saving time and reducing errors.