Radiology RCM

Radiology Revenue Cycle Management Best Practices

The complexities of radiology start with science and end with collecting revenue. We can’t simplify the science but we can improve RCM yield and your bottom line with our cutting edge radiology billing software and coding services.

Radiology is ground zero in the efforts to reduce health care usage. We can help you respond to this pressure, without reducing revenue. Infinx knows how to code, capture and bill for every image. We lead the charge to win preauthorization, coding, and billing battles for radiology.

Preauthorization Radiology Services

Preauthorization for imaging can provide a clear path to revenue. It is the key to full patient schedules and managing demand between inpatient, outpatient and emergency patients.

We developed 20 minute STAT preauthorization approvals so you can handle emergency patients. It also allows you to respond to physician referrals for imaging, serving their patients, avoiding scheduling holes and maximizing revenue. Learn more about preauthorization solutions today.

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Radiology Coding Solutions

ICD-10 has 1,731 potential codes for a fractured radius. Does your staff know which one to select for the patient at hand?

Radiology practices are spending 20-30% more time on ICD-10 coding than with
ICD-9. We bring radiology coding experts to your practice, immediately cutting down errors and time spent coding. Learn how our certified specialists can increase your revenue through coding.

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Radiology Billing Software

Radiology billing includes 3rd party payor reimbursement as well as patient self-pay. Increasingly large deductibles require increased staff time for engaging patients in successful payment plans.

We know how to manage radiology billing systems that increase patient satisfaction and revenue. Learn how Infinx can increase reimbursements without increasing staff.

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Concentrate on making your patients feel safe. 
We will keep an eagle eye on your revenue. Contact us for our radiology billing and coding solutions today.

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