Radiology Pre-Authorization

If every image receives successful pre-authorization, revenue is ready and patient schedules are full. Infinx makes that a reality.

As staff shrinks and imaging is scrutinized for medical necessity, revenue repeatedly takes the hit.

Pre-authorizations may extend to 48 hours or more, straining patient schedules and slowing reimbursements.

taff needs to be appropriately educated on 68,000 ICD-10 codes or claims regularly become denials. CMS stringent coding requirements mean one missed letter or number equals more denied revenue.

We can make your transition to ICD-10 easier.
We have the solution.

Reduce denials rates to as low as 1%

Infinx understands these challenges. Using AuthX, our pre-authorization experts have reduced denial rates from 8% to as low as 1% and increased revenue by as much as 5%.

AuthX is our proprietary workflow automation tool, and it’s success is in the numbers.

Reduce STAT to 20 minutes

Stop losing patients to long pre-authorization turn around times. Our STAT pre-authorization turn around means you receive approvals in as little as 20 minutes.

With our extensive experience working with radiology practices, we are able to capitalize on STAT requests for imaging. Accepting immediate requests for imaging, means filling
schedules and collecting revenue.

For standard pre-authorization requests, Infinx reduces turn around time to 24 hours.

How do we improve pre-authorization success?

AuthX supports staff with automated pre-authorization details posted in one easy
to read dashboard that decreases errors and increases success. Our skilled
specialists are able to support your staff with functions including:

  • Automated insurance verification.
  • Patient co-pay estimates are calculated along with our pre-authorization work.
  • Clinical note including exam description, CPT codes, and diagnosis are in
    one place, reducing errors and increasing accuracy.
  • Automated workflow reduces pre-authorization paperwork by 90%. Less
    paperwork means fewer errors and more approvals.
  • HL7 interface allows AuthX to share data across RCM and EHR platforms.

Our results speak for themselves

Revenue increase by


Denials reduced to


Pre-auths in

20 min

Work load down by


Case Study: Advanced radiology group pre-authorization workload reduced by 90% with AuthX

Efficiency, streamlined workflow and staff support from AuthX reduces frustration, increases productivity and builds revenue. Read how we helped an advanced radiology group streamline their pre-authorization process and reduce their STAT to 20 minutes and workload by 90%. Read about it here.

Learn how we can help you improve your pre-authorization process
for your radiology group.

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