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Preauthorize Patient Care in 20 minutes

As a healthcare professional, your priority is patient care. Timely, accurate diagnosis and treatment that delivers positive patient outcomes is your goal. Now you and your staff can determine coverage in as little as 20 minutes with our preauthorization solution.

Sluggish service with speed

Seamless Prior Authorization Software

We know that requisite insurance authorizations can interrupt your patient care. They slow billing and halt revenue flow. When your staff conducts prior authorizations for care during office visits, your revenue stream increases and patient satisfaction climbs.  With Infinx, you can expect:

2 hours

turnaround for emerging needs

24 hours

turnaround for preauthorizations

20 minutes

turnaround for STAT scheduling and treatment


Check out our skills

Our specialists have extensive revenue cycle management experience, conducting patient pay estimates, insurance verifications and preauthorizations in multiple specialties. They are trained to process procedures and codes whenever you need them.

  • Well versed in the rules and nuances of medical necessity, CPT-ICD correlations and patient clinical trials.
  • Long standing expertise with Medicare, Medicaid, dual Medicare-Medicaid, and other commercial payors in over 30 states.
  • Experience handling prior authorization for inpatient and outpatient surgeries, hospital admissions and diagnostic imaging.

Our results speak for themselves


preauthorizations to date


preauthorizations daily


turnaround time


claims approval rate

Automate your preauthorization process with iBridge

Our specialists use our cloud-based workflow automation tool, iBridge, when managing your end-to-end preauthorization processes helping you get to patient care faster.  Learn how iBridge can bring quick preauthorizations to your practice.

See how

How we do it


Your data is secure

When we say your data is secure, we mean it is embedded in layers of security. Our EDI compliant solution stores your data on Amazon Cloud using standard 64 bit encryption. 256 bit encryption is also available.

It’s time to work smart and increase patient billables

Physicians spend an average of 20 hours a week on preauthorization activities. Those hours could be patient care billable hours but instead are lost to administrative tasks.  Timely and accurate preauthorizations mean approved claims and increased reimbursements for your practice.

Speed, satisfaction and improved revenue. That’s what we can provide you.

Let us crunch the numbers

Wondering how much Infinx can save your practice today? Find out now with our Preauthorization Calculator. We’ll provide an instant estimate of how our lower per-transaction costs deliver increased net profits for you.

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