Pre-registration is the gateway to your revenue stream. We can get you upstream in a hurry.

The simple act of pre-registration can help you increase revenue and patient satisfaction. With one streamlined system, you can increase patient co-pays and payor reimbursement, and you can increase the speed with which you move from patient care to practice profit.

Enter Infinx’s pre-registration solution. Read on to learn about how we can help you with pre-registration insurance verifications, patient pay estimates and preauthorizations.

Insurance Verification

Insurance verification means you know if the patient is covered by insurance and as a result, you are more likely to receive reimbursement for patient care. Click here to learn how we can help you with insurance verification.

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Patient Pay Estimate

When you can help your patient prepare to pay, collected co-pay revenue increases at the time of visit.  Let us help you increase your collections with our patient pay estimate solution.

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Preauthorization is an essential part of pre-registration for procedures that require preauthorization for reimbursement. Meticulous and timely preauthorization will boost your successful claim percentage, thereby increasing your revenue. 

Whether you need standard 24 hour turnaround for preauthorizations or a 20 minute preauthorization STAT, our team is ready to execute. Let us help you take control over preauthorization and turn it into profits for your practice.

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Rely on iBridge

If you are seeing more patients come in the door, but not more money in the bottom line, the bottleneck may be pre-visit registrations. You can’t afford for slow staff and antiquated software to hijack revenue. As patient volume grows, so must the speed of practice pre-registration processes.

Our proprietary cloud-based software, iBridge, streamlines pre-registration workflow, and enables your practice to capture every dollar from every new patient. Learn more about how iBridge can change the way you capture revenue today.

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