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Plastic Surgery procedures may be elective but timely reimbursements shouldn’t be

15.6 million cosmetic procedures, both minimally-invasive and surgical, were performed in the United States in 2014. Plastic surgery procedures may be elective, but your reimbursement shouldn’t be.

Plastic surgery practices deal with a higher percentage of patient self-pay than perhaps any other specialty. Many procedures are elective and therefore, not covered by insurance. Your RCM processes need to be pristine if you are to build and maintain a thriving plastic surgery practice. Our plastic surgery coding and billing solutions can streamline RCM workflow for your plastic surgery practice in order to increase revenue.

It’s time to take the wrinkles out of your A/R systems with timely preauthorizations

Preauthorization for plastic surgery procedures is essential. Staff needs to know which procedures are eligible and the extent to which they are covered. During the preauthorization process, practices need to obtain details on patient co-pay and deductibles.

The average practice depends on patient co-pays for 25% of their revenue, but for plastic surgery practices it’s much higher. We can automate your preauthorization workflow and STAT preauthorizations in as little as 20 minutes. Learn how our preauthorization solutions can help you.

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Looking for more successful claims and fewer denials?

Has your staff conducted a comprehensive review of the 2016 ICD-10-CM code books? Can they correctly identify ICD-10 coding, like those specific to breast reconstruction, or wound debridement procedures?

Coding is complex to begin with- even more so when it comes to plastic surgery. Our expert coders are AAPC-certified, will comply with CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9/10, and DRG billing codes and will navigate ICD-10 to increase your revenue. Learn more about our plastic surgery coding solutions here.

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Precision in plastic surgery billing is just as important as precision in surgery to your bottom line

Your plastic surgery practice covers everything from elective face lifts to emergency reconstructions. Your office billing system must be able to handle complex situations such as emergency room preauthorizations and verifying patient payments. Is your process efficient and intuitive enough to ensure maximum reimbursement? Does your billing process include careful patient education and payment plans for maximum payment?

Plastic surgery billing is much more focused on patient pay than other specialties. We ensure that bills for plastic surgery procedures are accurate, complete, submitted, tracked and posted on a timely basis. We offer greater than 99% accuracy in plastic surgery billing because we know the details. Read about our medical billing solutions offering here.

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When it’s time to lift your revenue it’s time to call Infinx specialists. Contact us today about our plastic surgery billing and coding solutions.

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