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Complete Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Platforms For Physician’s Practices

We know your needs inside and out, the Infinx team will help you create simpler ways to run your medical group. Medical practice efficiency and physician productivity is slowed by the growing demands of administrative paperwork. More than 70% of physicians report spending one day or more every week on administrative tasks. That restricts billable hours, contributes to physician burnout, and can place a stranglehold on the growth and RCM strength of a group practice.

It’s time to get your physician’s revenue cycle management under control, manage the tasks and convert physician time into patient care and billable hours. We have years of experience helping medical groups just like yours. Group practices find they can save up to 32% of costs with our medical practice management system and solutions. Read on to see how.

Physician Medical Group Prior Authorization

Primary care practice nurses now spend an average of 13.1 hours per physician per week on preauthorizations. If your group practice has 10 physicians, that’s a minimum of 130 hours a week- fully 65% of the nurses’ time on non-patient care tasks.

You can turn that equation around. It’s time to realign your time and reassess your profits. With our medical practice solutions, we will return physicians and nurses to patient care while increasing practice revenue.

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Optimize Coding Services For Your Physician Medical Group

The implementation of ICD-10 has significantly increased the level of detail and regulatory requirements for physician documentation. Ongoing training and upgrades for ICD-10 compliance continues to be expensive – some estimates show small practices spending upwards of $250,000 to come into line with the new codes. Meeting meaningful use requirements can be a black hole for revenues, with penalties for non-compliance increasing yearly.

If your group is thriving but the bottom line is still anemic, examine your coding function. Are codes mismatched? Are there mismatches between charts and code selection?

Contact us for precise coding solutions. We can help put your practice into compliance immediately and relieve ICD-10 headaches. Learn more about our medical practice coding solutions today.

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Physician Practice Management Billing Services

Physician Practice management requires balance. Infinx delivers the scale.
We balance the needs for staff training with automated systems that manage billing for you. We deliver billing solutions for practices of all sizes, from newly established and single physician practices to concierge and large group practices. Infinx experts streamline workflow and increase revenue for 15 separate medical specialties including dermatology, podiatry, gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine, psychiatry, family medicine, orthopedics, family medicine, immunology, and urology.

Billing is the lifeblood of your group practice. There is no room on your bottom line for errors. Bring in Infinx billing precision today.

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It’s time to resolve physician practice management headaches with efficiency and smart physician practice management software.Contact us to help you enhance your revenue with our medical practice management system.

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