Physical Therapy RCM

Underbilling is a major threat to your physical therapy RCM

It’s hard enough to manage the razor thin profit margin of a physical therapy service. Underbilling shouldn’t contribute to the problem. In the average PT practice, therapists spend up to 25% of their time on documentation and notes. These treatment details form the heart of every PT code, claim and bill. If done incorrectly, you will underbill, your PT service is exposed to steep reductions in reimbursement and increased denials.

We can help you maximize your reimbursement with our physical therapy billing and coding solutions customized for physical therapy practices.

Physical Therapy Preauthorization

Up to 50% of physical therapy patients do not pay their co-pay at the time of visit simply because they are confused. Calculating each patient’s co-pay before their appointment allows you to collect the co-pay when they arrive for their PT appointment, instantly increasing revenue. Infinx makes sure that patient co-pays don’t walk out the door, turning into expensive uncollectibles.

Preauthorizations must be quickly, and successfully, obtained so your patients can begin physical therapy work as soon as possible. Accurate preauthorizations are essential to the delivery of quality patient care and patient satisfaction. Click here to learn more about our preauthorization solutions.

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Infinx expert physical therapy coding teams can end the underbilling

From the initial Plan of Care (POC) to the PQRS codes for public payors, we can help. When it comes to capturing every PT treatment, our expert coding specialists bring meticulous coding and documentation – at half the price of in-house teams.

Get help fast. Learn more about how our coding teams increase reimbursement for your physical therapy practice.

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Your patients get the help they need, you get the revenue you’ve earned

Physical therapy margins are thin. Short payments make for sleepless nights. You need a way to check each payment and ensure you get paid. Our billing experts know physical therapy billing inside and out so you can get some peace.

Maximize your reimbursement with our medical billing solutions. Click here to learn more.

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End underbilling with Infinx physical therapy coding and billing services. Control the paperwork stress. Return to patient care. Contact us today.

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