Pharmacy RCM

Pharmacy Revenue Cycle Management Best Practices

High volume prescription processing can turn your pharmacy into a three-ring circus. If your pharmacy serves long-term care facilities, you know that handling large volumes of prescriptions on schedule requires quick, clean order processing. Every prescription requires a careful eye on policies, procedures and detailed regulations. If you are managing growth, adding on new long-term care (LTC) homes, or acquiring another pharmacy, your challenge is even greater.

Our expert LTC pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are here to help with our expert pharmacy solutions and pharmacy management system.

Fast, error-free Pharmacy Billing System & Prescription Processing is the Best Medicine for Staying Competitive

Error-free processing is the name of the game.

We work on multiple pharmacy information systems like Framework, QS1, HBS, CIPS, and Helix to enter new orders and refills with expert accuracy. We employ professionals with strong mathematics competencies who deliver accurate dose and day supply calculations.  Billing is always clean and current.

Our quality assurance team is managed by licensed pharmacists. To minimize errors, this team goes through careful, regular audits that exceed industry standards. They have compiled years of experience and pharmacy specific knowledge in nuances like cycles, house stock, cutoffs, run-times and exceptions for different facilities.

All of this means that our team has the ability to handle large volumes in a short turnaround time, without error, saving you money and making you highly competitive.

Optimize your pharmacy RCM

Our team can handle your pharmacy’s revenue cycle management system.

We can take care of your pharmacy’s intake registration, insurance eligibility, preauthorization checks, census maintenance, payment posting, and Medicaid pending status checks. Our coding specialists are trained in dealing with various categories of drug codes (CPT codes) and different coding guidelines. Our pharmacy billing management solutions deal with non-preferred drug, brand name drug and A-rated generic drugs. 

The result? We minimize rejections and increase compliance with our pharmacy solutions.

Mail Order Service

We manage all mail order refills, new orders, prior authorization, and billing on tools including DocuTrack, CoverMyMeds, and Payor Rules.

Administration and Support

We have 300+ operators working for American companies with long-term care pharmaceutical experience. We provide assistance, both as pharmacists and techs, to help you with new facility set up, data conversion, control authorization management, refill authorization management, and document triage.

How it works

Prescription processing, 24 hours a day, at 50% of the cost of in-house teams

200 K

beds daily

300 K

refills processed monthly


accuracy score

45 min

new order turn around time

“Infinx has been a great asset to our pharmacy operations. The operators are well-trained, devoted to learning and care as if they were sitting right in our pharmacy. We are 100% satisfied with the route we took.”

Director of Pharmacy

Our Pharmacy Management Systems are built on excellence and we can deliver that to your door.Contact an account manager today to find out how our pharmacy solutions and management systems can help

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