Payment Posting

It’s the only way to get cash in the door. It demands perfection.

Checks in, payments posted, revenue received. Seems clear cut and easy enough to achieve.
So every medical practice has a solid payment posting system, right? Not really.

Your payment posting process may be leaking revenue

It pays to carefully examine your office payment posting function. Confirm that payments are posted regularly and on time. Make sure that uncashed checks are not piling up in a staff member’s drawer.  

Can you verify that staffing levels are based on patient volume, rather than the number of practitioners to ensure timely posting?  Timely posting presents an opportunity for A/R analysis and revenue cycle optimization. When you know what is really coming through the door, you can grow.

Bring speed and accuracy to medical payment posting

We ensure that medical bills accurately reflect patient treatment and services, and then immediately post bill payments. Denials never accumulate with Infinx, because we efficiently examine each claim denial for mistakes and potential for appeal. With an expert understanding of the denials process, our denials management team can quickly identify short payments and permanently resolve denials. Not only do we handle all process adjustments and write-offs, we also audit each charge entry and payment posting to ensure your practice maintains a steady and healthy steam of revenue.

How it works

How this technology will benefit you

Streamlined processes benefit doctors and patients

Maximum revenue demands timely payment posting.Contact us today to discuss how we can boost your profits with speed and accuracy.

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