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30% of your revenue can walk out the door every day. Why let it? Patient pay now account for up to 30% of accounts receivable for physician practices. If you don’t collect patient self-pay at the time of visit, your chances of collecting it dwindle rapidly the moment the patient walks out the door. In fact, 90% of patients are likely to pay before they see their physician, 70% are likely to pay at checkout, 40% are likely to pay after they leave the medical practice, 11% never pay.

It’s time to swing that bridge in your direction.

Intuitive Patient Access Software & Improved Patient Access

With the Patient Pay Estimate module of our cloud-based patient access software, iBridge, preparations to calculate patient self-pay are put into motion the minute the patient schedules an appointment.

When an appointment is made, our system sends a message to our iBridge software which automatically contacts the payor for medical insurance verification and benefits information. You have yet to see the patient and self-pay collection strategies are already in motion.

How we do it

Education engages patients and leads to increased payments

Now you have actionable information. The practice knows precisely what the patient pay estimate is, and the patient knows precisely what their payment responsibility is at the time of visit. Engaging the patient in payment options just became easier. So did rapidly collecting patient payments.

iBridge improves your patient pay workflow

Experience how iBridge patient pay estimates dramatically boost your practice’s cash flow:

  • Rapidly improve point of service patient payment collections
  • Improve the overall collections and reduce the billing cycle
  • Payment plans will improve collections and reduce defaults
  • Enable providers to predict patient payment revenues and cash flow roadmap

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