Pathology RCM

Diagnosing revenue problems should be a lot simpler than cytogenetics

How are you supposed to manage pathology and lab revenue when ICD codes have tripled, numerous diagnostic tests are required per patient, bills can be split between multiple payors and the complexity of payment models is increasing exponentially? Blood tests, drug tests, and cytogenetics may be necessary, but coding and billing headaches are not.

Infinx helps pathology practices and clinical laboratories boost collections and improve efficiency while providing quality results that are 100% error free with our healthcare rcm software and solutions.

Pathology Preauthorization

Laboratory managers need to stay ahead of rapidly changing regulatory requirements or risk losing valuable revenue. Infinx provides 100% error-free preauthorization and insurance eligibility services. Our streamlined technology is operated by specialists who have in-depth knowledge of medical terminology, the nuances of medical necessity, CPT-ICD correlations, and the stringent requirements for lab and pathology preauthorizations. Their experience delivers pristine patient eligibility status and preauthorization requests tracked to their final determination.

We simplify patient care. Infinx preauthorization experts use a cloud-based workflow automation tool called iBridge to streamline the authorization and insurance verification process. iBridge delivers nearly 100% approval rates, 99.5% accuracy for some large pathology groups, and turnaround times as low as 10 minutes. Our automated solution provides astute management of your preauthorization system, and that means more revenue for your pathology practice.

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Pathology Coding

Do your coders know to include keyword descriptors like biopsy, resection or partial/wedge? Are they selecting codes based on type as well as final diagnosis? The devil’s in the details and that’s where our coders rule the day.

We optimize reimbursements. That’s the name of the game and players on some of the biggest pathology fields in the nation find that we win for them with 99.5% coding accuracy. We provide medical coding services, medical coding audit services, clinical documentation analysis and feedback for all pathology sub-specialties. We deliver 400+ ICD-10 trained and AAPC certified coders who ensure clean claim rates and TAT<24 hours. Our team of skilled pathology coders know their way around the thousands of pathology ICD-10 codes. Learn how our specialists can optimize your revenue with coding.

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Pathology Billing

If the number or types of payors shift, or billing submission requirements change and you aren’t informed, revenue is lost. If your aged accounts are continually getting older but you don’t know why, your revenue is shrinking as the pile grows. It’s time to get ahead of pathology billing details that growl at you like an empty stomach.

Infinx A/R specialists know pathology billing. They specialize in handling A/R aged accounts older than 120 days, can pinpoint the cause of denied claims and deliver the lowest possible cost of collection for accounts. We can also help you to stay ahead of CMS payment changes that can occur daily.

Denial management, healthcare analytics, credit balance resolution, and ongoing accounts receiveable management are the strategies needed to turn your A/R into a well oiled, high performance machine. Missed information is missed revenue. We know how to manage pathology billing systems, rapidly increase efficiencies and make you highly competitive. Learn how we will increase your bottom line without increasing your staff.

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It’s time to analyze and optimize.
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