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Outpatient shouldn’t mean out-migration of revenue

Ambulatory outpatient care is growing fast, and your staff is not. Paperwork processing and reimbursement has slowed down as a result. Your ambulatory care center can only make money when it can schedule more patients faster.

We can help you with comprehensive preauthorization along with outpatient coding  and billing solutions that can help schedule patient appointments and process paperwork more efficiently.

Rapid preauthorization helps increase revenue from outpatient care

If you’re going to capture all outpatient volume in the growing ambulatory care specialty, you need rapid preauthorizations to get patients on your schedule. With so many outpatient treatment specialties under one roof, and so many referring physicians, fast and error-free preauthorizations are essential to ambulatory center profits.

Along with preparing physically for an outpatient procedure, each patient should prepare financially as well. That means knowing the co-pay they’re responsible for paying when they arrive for their appointment.

That’s why quick preauthorizations should be embedded in your RCM process. Learn more about how we can help you seamlessly integrate preauthorization in your practice today.

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Simplify outpatient coding while focusing on care

Can your staff code, with an eye towards squeezing every dime possible, for your practice that has multiple procedures on the same day? Outpatient care is growing and so is the complexity of its coding. It is a central challenge for ambulatory care centers. If your staff can’t accurately code for lab, imaging and surgery on the same day, you’re losing revenue.

There is more money to be made under ICD-10 when experts are handling it. Our certified expert outpatient coders can help. Learn more about our outpatient coding solutions today.

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Outpatient billing requires detailed data entry

Medical procedures, anesthesiology, physician time and a myriad of other details must be properly documented in ambulatory care billing. Insurance companies, patients, and third-party payors each require different detailed documentation. How can your ambulatory center billing staff meet all of those demands?

We can help relieve your staff of billing headaches. Click here to learn about our suite of medical billing solutions.

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When it comes to building and maintaining a thriving outpatient care center, we can help capture maximum revenue with our outpatient coding expertise. Contact us today.

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