Occupational Therapy RCM

Capturing revenue shouldn’t be an occupational hazard.Optimize your occupational therapy bottom line with Infinx.

Occupational therapy offers the promise to return patients to their normal, everyday activities. It should also deliver real time revenue to your practice’s bottom line. If that is not happening, it’s time to take a careful look at your RCM processes.

Does staff regularly conduct preauthorizations for every patient’s occupational therapy visit, not only for payor revenue, but to estimate and collect patient self-pay at the time of the visit? Does coding capture every occupational therapy modality? Is billing accurate? We will make sure you have every tool necessary to optimize revenue with our expert occupational therapy billing and occupational therapy coding solutions

Occupational Therapy Preauthorization

Preauthorization is the gateway to improved revenue for occupational therapy services. Patient self-pay can easily comprise 25% of your receivables. Determining eligibility and coverage is the first step toward successful patient pay.

Preauthorizations should be embedded in your patient care processes. We deliver the tools you need to determine patient co-pay, educate patients, and collect it at every occupational therapy appointment. Learn more about our preauthorization solutions today.

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Occupational Therapy Coding

As important as occupational therapy is to patient’s daily lives, so is coding to occupational therapy’s daily revenue. The good news is that ICD-10 codes have increased the ability to capture every nuance of occupational therapy, if you know how. If patient volume is growing in your occupational therapy service but your revenue is not, inaccurate coding may be the culprit.

Infinx delivers certified expert coders to your practice, navigating ICD-10 for successful OT claims and increased revenue. Learn how we can upgrade and enhance your coding today for a better bottom line.

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Occupational Therapy Billing

The more accurate and precise your billing, the shorter your A/R cycle. When OT patients have difficulty understanding your bill, it delays payment. When payors don’t understand your bill, it’s rejected. Occupational therapy billing is the last frontier between your office and money in the door. Don’t relegate it to an after thought.

Our billing specialists know occupational therapy billing inside-out. Read about our medical billing solutions and increase your occupational therapy revenue today.

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Improve RCM and build a solid revenue base for growth with Infinx occupational therapy billing and coding solutions. Call Infinx today.

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