Mobile Applications

The flexibility and competitive advantage of mobile devices and applications is unprecedented. As this technology continues to expand its influence, leading companies are relying on highly scalable “Anytime, Anywhere” mobility solutions to stay in touch with employees and consumers, even when there is no network.

It is widely recognized that to run a business, technology isn’t enough. Enterprises demand mobility. In the world where client’s demands change every day, ignoring a multichannel access model can prove costly.

The Infinx advantage

The Infinx mobility team offers expertise in designing, creating, testing as well as in providing consultancy on usability management. We can envision a business to a mobile-based solutions center, select the best-fit architecture for your app, customize your android, create a responsive design, test automation, evaluate your users and give them support on an ongoing basis.

Our Mobile Application solutions are rendered to both the manufacturers and service providers who use it to gain valuable insights in three types of collaboration – business to end consumer, business to employee, and business to business, each with its own benefits.

We have gained expertise and experience on various tablet platforms, along with cross-platform application design and development, to support parallel development on multiple target environments including

  • Android 4.1
  • iOS5
  • iPad
  • Symbian
  • Silverlight
  • XNA for Windows Phone
  • Adobe Air
  • JavaME
  • HTML5
  • Webworks

Clients use our services to receive information on a go, generate more business, reduce process delays, and enhance productivity, business revenue, and asset accuracy. Applications are also designed to give an instant access to systems, dashboards, and reports through an intuitive touch enabled browser. Users can monitor and inspect business performance just as they would on iPad or desktop, and build new reports or dashboards on-the-fly with a full-featured ad hoc design environment.

Our Domain Expertise Services Portfolio covers

  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Mobile Anti-counterfeiting
  • Mobile E-Learning
  • Mobile Entertainment
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Mobile Social Networking
  • Mobile Payment
  • Mobile Healthcare
  • Consumer Mobility
InfinxMobile Applications