ICD-10 Coding Audit

When it comes to claim denials, the devil’s in the details

Do you think your coding systems are sufficient, but revenue is still fizzling out? Do random rejections regularly occur and need sorting through?

Don’t let your team work alone to address the dizzying coding changes of ICD-10. Infinx medical coding auditors will light a fire under languishing revenue and get your coding back on track with our ICD-10 medical coding audit services.

Audit your way to reimbursements

Our certified, experienced medical audit teams will implement coding protocols that lead to reimbursements instead of denials. Our expert coders work beside your staff to conduct quarterly audits.

We identify ICD-10 coding errors, provide remedies and are available to retrain your staff. Our comprehensive coding audits will target specific claims that are high risk and convert them to error-free claims. With the consistent feedback from our audits, you will see an increase your staff’s coding speed and accuracy.

With Infinx’s medical coding audits, every claim is error-free, every day.

How this technology will benefit you

Streamlined processes benefit doctors and patients

With Infinx, every claim is error free, every dayContact us about our medical coding audit services today.

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InfinxICD-10 Coding Audit