Medical Billing

Accurate, timely medical billing out means more revenue in

Besides patient care, no other function is more essential to revenue than medical billing.

But you didn’t go to medical school to spend time on making sure you get paid for patient care. That’s when we step in with our state of the art medical billing services.

We can help

We ensure that medical bills are accurate, complete, and submitted on a timely basis. Healthcare payments are tracked and posted immediately. We also check each payment to ensure that the full, contracted reimbursement amount is received.

Our medical billing experts know your specialty, and your payors. Radiology is much different than anesthesia, and that is completely different from surgery. This isn’t a matter for general knowledge. Infinx brings intelligence and experience from the high wire to your bottom line.

How we ensure you get paid

Charge Entry

Accurate entry of patient demographic data, complex medical codes, and insurance information ensures precise claims, proper billing and timely reimbursement. If your system is doing less than that, you are probably receiving less than you are owed.

We can increase your payments with accurate entries. Find out how.

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Payment Posting

Maximizing your practice revenue rests in the details – the fine details. Payment posting is one of them. It must be accurate and timely and post denials just as much as it posts payments. Without precision, payment posting can leave money on the table.

We’ll collect every dime your practice is owed. Start today.

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Accounts Receivable

Consider it the circulatory system of your practice. Money flowing through your operations keeps your practice healthy. That demands an efficient billing to cash cycle, timely denial appeals, ensuring full reimbursement for services delivered, and profitable control of numerous other details.

Infinx collects money that is due to you. Start now with Infinx accounts receivable management and A/R software solutions.

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Denial Management

Like a dog with a bone, our medical billing specialists track every single denial with our proprietary software. We examine denials line by line and appeal them – without delay. You need revenue, we provide the expertise. Don’t let your revenue languish in desk drawers and piles in the corner.

Start cashing in denials with our denials management solutions today.

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Credit Balance Resolution

The Federal Government doesn’t like credit balances, and neither should you. This is a matter of law and can’t be overlooked by overwhelmed staff.

We make sure your balance is resolved. Call us in today for our credit balance resolution solution.

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Contract Management

It’s becoming more complicated to negotiate strong contracts to your benefit. We bring power to the negotiating table with data that translates to higher reimbursements. Once that is accomplished, do you know that you are being paid your full negotiated rate?

Infinx does. It’s your money – we make sure you receive it. Call us to protect your contracted rate with our healthcare contract management services and software solutions.

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Our extensive experience

500 K

Demographics entered
and audited each year

>$2 MM

Charges entered
each year

$586 MM

Payments posted
each year

>$12 MM

Credits resolved
each year

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