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Your patient schedule is bulging at the seams. Providers have been added and yet, revenue is still slow. So where is the cash?

Take a good look at your medical accounts receivable (A/R) process. You may find that efficiency is lacking and overwhelmed staff is hindering revenue growth. Infinx can help with your healthcare accounts receivable management workflow.

Smarter Tracking For Improved Claim Reimbursements

Managing the day to day revenue cycle is time consuming and can be fraught with errors. Anything short of precise pre-authorization, crisp coding, and sharp billing practices is hiding revenue.

Open the gates to a revenue stream you didn’t know you already have with Infinx.

Locate money currently in your practice and send it into the bottom line

Our billing specialists bring an eagle eye to your accounts receivable, finding every lost, uncollected dollar.
Our team is skilled to rope in revenue and will:

  • Process old A/R cleanup projects, process and post unapplied payments and ensure your aging report is accurate.
  • Eliminate payment problems at the point of patient care, with correct charge entry, medical coding, and matching the right payment to the right invoice and the right patient.
  • Wring out cash waiting for you by successfully appealing denied claims and following up with commercial and government payors.

We can maximize your revenue with our accounts receivable management software

Making money is no laughing matter. By using our proprietary medical accounts receivable software tool, our team is able to keep tabs on your A/R workflow and present important collection details in a single comprehensive dashboard. With our solution, you can:

  • Firmly control A/R days and all your AR relationships with payors
  • Ensure efficient billing and collections processes.
  • Employ dashboard reporting for streamlined oversight
  • Manage onshore and offshore operations while controlling costs

How it works

How this technology will benefit you

Streamlined account receivable process in medical billing benefit doctors and patients

We are ready to help you gain control of your medical accounts receivables (A/R) management. Contact us today.

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