Quality Assurance

Medical software has provided great functionality to the industry. It has helped revolutionize the way medical professionals provide services to their patients. Medical software should comply with the needs of the healthcare system and regulations in order to work under critical scenarios of the business. It is therefore, not surprising that IT has become an integral part of the healthcare system.

Medical industry requires critical safety measures and there is a need for high quality system software to help reduce the probability of risks in the system. Quality Assurance (QA) is conducted to gain information on the level of excellence of various software under different testing conditions.

Infinx’s QA team provides the most rigorous processes to ensure that all high quality standards are met of the healthcare industry. Regardless of the project scope and complexity, our offshore QA lab and team ensure that all steps of the process are covered with attention to detail and benchmarks. We integrate the concept of quality assurance, safety assessment and provide independent verification and validation reports to the organization.

Our dedicated team of engineers provides complete and impartial quality analysis of the software and recommendations based on the reports presented. Whether it is an analysis of new software development from scratch, providing unbiased review of software before going live or creating auditing process for QA of software, Infinx can provide assistance in every step. Our experienced engineers help our clients identify bottlenecks and meet their business and domain quality standards and compliances.

Infinx’s Quality Assurance team provides the following services:

  • Quality Assurance consulting team
  • Planning and implementation of QA system
  • Impartial audit and post audit support
  • Computerized system validation and assessment
InfinxQuality Assurance