E-Pedigree Solutions

With the complexity of supply chain and distribution systems and with markets growing on a larger more dynamic scale, Infinx’s e-Pedigree is specially designed to provide end-to-end solutions like hardware, infrastructure, middleware and applications, business process and consolidation and solution development and deployment. We understand the complexity and the critical nature of supply chain, its effect on the business objectives of the customer and work towards bringing solutions for the same.

The software solutions allow manufacturers, distributors and retailers to:

  • Keep real time and secured tracking of inventory
  • Create an on-demand status report of any case or unit
  • Assist in keeping strict adherence to state and federal regulatory initiatives, as required
  • Utilize current infrastructure and investment and provide an effective model for creating pedigree data
  • Discourage counterfeiters by raising monetary barriers
  • Improve supply chain management by allowing authentication of products received as secure
  • Reduce discrepancies in transportation and receiving
  • Profile downstream inventory

Features of e-Pedigree are:

  • Smarter solution for the sales floor – It scans the floor and lists all the items picked by customers, allowing the sales team to replenish inventory on time. It also alerts when the merchandise in the fitting rooms exceed a certain limit.
  • Accuracy in inventory management – RFID allows retailers to evaluate the inventory based at the SKU-level rather than on total piece count. It allows better accuracy and proper replenishment of stock.
  • Better visibility of stock – One of the most time-consuming task for retailers is locating stock in the store. With the help of RFID technology, the storekeeper can not only stay updated on the correct inventory of stock, but also its location in the store, thus saving time and efforts.
  • Receiving efficiency – With the help of RFID, the expedition of receiving cartons can easily meet deadlines. It can also help identify cartons that are on priority to go on the sales floor and thus assist revenue based on demand.
  • Increasing sales, reducing markdown of products – When working with slower and manual processes, there are times when the merchandise does not even reach the sales floor before it hits the first markdown. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the merchandise receiving process time is minimum when reaching the shop floor. This not only helps promote revenue but also saves additional efforts of your staff to locate and re-ticket the merchandise for markdown.
  • Identifying backward-moving merchandise and reducing shrink – In order to protect you merchandise from dishonest employees and customers, RFID allows you to automatically count your merchandise more than once during the day to detect any shrinks.
InfinxE-Pedigree Solutions