Medical Insurance Verification

How to Verify Health Insurance Eligibility

Given the uncertainties in insurance markets, it’s more important than ever that you receive reimbursement for patient care, but do you know how to confirm coverage? Our medical insurance verification solutions confirm precise patient coverage details for you in seconds. Scheduling to coverage verification – even before you see the patient. Now that’s casting a net that captures revenue.

Streamline Coverage Variables with Innovative Patient Access Software

You need information to collect revenue. You need to know the patient insurer, are they in or out of network and can you be reimbursed for the services you provide?

These facts comprise the nuts and bolts of your revenue and you can’t build your practice without them. With the help of our cloud-based patient access software, iBridge, we track insurance eligibility and deliver the details of patient coverage to your desktop.

How we do it

Get Instant Insurance Verification with iBridge Software

The Insurance Verification module of iBridge works with all payors, increases payment velocity and moves you from coverage unknowns to insurance verification in seconds. Finally you have actionable information and the details necessary to arrange payment schedules with patients. A knowledgeable patient is a happier patient and a reimbursed practice is a more profitable one.

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