ICD-10 Rescue

Stop drowning in ICD-10. Infinx is here with a life raft.

ICD-10 has increased medical codes from 18,000 to nearly 144,000 code sets.

Diagnosis codes have increased 5-fold, procedure codes have increased 18-fold, and the length and alpha-numeric structure of each code has changed. So has the organization of the coding directory.

In other words, ICD-10 coding is a huge, and potentially expensive, headache for some practices. It is also the gateway between billable hours and successfully paid claims, our ICD-10 solution.

We can make your ICD-10 coding process easier with ICD-10 Rescue.

Four Ways to Get to ICD-­10 accuracy

It’s time to receive timely reimbursement for billable hours. ICD-10 should increase your revenue stream instead of creating a revenue drain.

The Infinx ICD-10 Rescue solution identifies documentation gaps, produces the correct ICD-10 code, and then notifies staff.  Our expert coders are APPC certified and undergo continuous training and testing on coding and regulation changes, including Medicare and Medicaid. Our specialists can also provide onsite support at your request.

Read on to see how ICD-10 Rescue works.

How this technology will benefit you

Streamlined processes benefit doctors and patients

What our customers are saying

“I think it is going extremely well. I am very happy to report we received our first major ($60K+) insurance remit from BCBS and there were no coding denials at all.”

Billing Manager,
Southwest Diagnostic Imaging

Know where coding gaps exist before they result in denied claims.Contact us to learn more about ICD-10 Rescue.

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InfinxICD-10 Rescue