Hospital RCM

Managing the details and increasing revenue is the name of the game. We can help you win.

Every hospital administrator knows that simplification leads to increased revenue, but not at the expense of compliance or high quality patient outcomes.

Infinx understands this. We deliver hospital management solutions that streamline preauthorizations, coding and billing to increase productivity, simplify workflow, and enhance patient satisfaction. Our technology helps hospitals to verify insurance coverage and increase patient co-pay. When we manage a hospital’s revenue cycle management system, their staff returns to direct, revenue generating work. We call that a win-win.

Hospital Preauthorization

Hospitals can’t fill beds, procedure suites, imaging centers, or the cath lab until preauthorizations are obtained. A preauthorization system that greases the wheels of patient scheduling can mean the difference between a slow day and a full patient schedule.

We remove the sluggish timeframe of old and replaces it with a highly responsive preauthorization process oriented toward increased patient pay and maximum patient volume for your hospital. We’ll verify eligibility and enroll new Medicaid patients. Click here to learn more about our preauthorization solutions.

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Hospital Coding

A lot has been said about ICD-10. We break it down to one important point: expert, accurate coding lies at the heart of hospital revenue. It has to be right, it has to be complete and it has to be on time.

We bring a staff of 2,000 experts to your coding. They code 38,000 transactions every day. Their job is to build hospital revenue with successful claims. Read on to learn about our medical coding expertise.

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Hospital Billing

Hospital billing is the engine that brings revenue in the door. Contract and denials management, RAC audits, A/R control and error reduction – they all consume hospital RCM departments.

We know hospital billing. Infinx solves billing and reimbursement problems ranging from collecting patient co-pays at the time of visit to doggedly tracking and resolving short payments. Learn more about our hospital billing solutions today.

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There’s no time to waste in reducing administrative paperwork and improving productivity. Contact us today about our hospital management system and hospital RCM services so we can start supporting you now.

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