Healthcare BI & Analytics

Key decisions in healthcare organizations need initiatives to increase revenue and reimbursement, improve care, streamline operations, reduce operational cost, and ensure quality through integrated systems; applications for improving clinical, financial and operational success.

Healthcare organizations are going through a technology and data revolution. Pressure from a wide range of sources are forcing both providers and health plans to look at their data and technology investments in new and innovative ways to gain competitive advantage. Healthcare business intelligence can provide organizations the ability to use their data to improve quality of care, increase financial efficiency and operational effectiveness, conduct innovative research and satisfy regulatory requirements.

The Infinx advantage

With over a decade of Healthcare experience, Infinx helps organizations understand their BI requirements and derive benefit from a strategic and business perspective of it. We administer solutions that are used to measure and monitor the various aspects of success ration of your healthcare business:

Clinical Success

Clinical performance measures focus on specific processes and outcomes that are important to achieving the health system’s overall organizational goals. Business intelligence tools for clinical success demonstrate how healthcare organizations can become smarter, and improve and monitor operational performance at clinic level in the revenue cycle management space. Clinical business intelligence is an essential for health systems pursuing clinical transformation as they take action to dramatically improve their performance in term of cost and quality.

Financial Success

Financial leaders in most health systems struggle to understand the factors contributing to revenue leakage. The variance between gross and net revenue can be staggering. Forecasting cash flow and estimating financial reserves on accounts receivable is a daunting task without strong reporting capabilities in place. CFOs and revenue cycle leadership must be on the same page to monitor and analyze the financial metrics that contribute to net revenue.
Infinx can help you build business intelligence platform harmonizing your billing, cash flow, you can monitor and forecast financial performance more effectively. Business intelligence tools for financial success describes applications used to become stronger financially, including demand data slicing, revenue cycle management and process analytics.

Operational Success

Empower all your BI users to freely model and explore data. With managed, self-service BI, your operations team can monitor and manage end to end revenue cycle management more efficiently to control and run processes in a smooth manner.
BI to measure operational success will help you understand the overall health of their RCM business, manage productivity and quality at each process level, monitor & assess performance of staff across processes, analyze & interpret data through trend analytics, and communicate faster real time and manage teams efficiently.

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