Healthcare Contract Management

Manage your healthcare payor contracts so you get paid on time and in the right amount

Imagine collecting up to 20% more on medical reimbursements, without installing new software. Imagine a team that is always tracking when an insurer paid you less than the contracted amount. Our goal is to deliver the information you need to negotiate the highest paying and highest performing contracts, helping you realize more revenue.

Too much to expect? Not really. All you need is Infinx in your practice. We manage your contracts so you get paid on time, in the right amount, from every payor. We track them, time them and capture the revenue.

Increase your collections by gaining control of payor contracts and fee schedules with Infinx healthcare contract management solutions.

Streamline contract management with third party payors

Many of today’s healthcare practices must contract with numerous insurance companies. That means working with hundreds of data combinations for coverage, forms, billing procedures, and negotiated reimbursement rates and being up-to-date with strict federal and state regulations.

With the help of our proprietary healthcare contract management software tools, we organize that data to your benefit, using proven workflow improvements like:

  • track bills and reimbursements and compare them with insurance contracts in real time using an automated alert system,
  • accesses details of every payor and every type of payment methodology, with a centralized location for fee schedule management,
  • monitors key performance indicators – contractual writeoffs, payment errors, amount discrepancies, payment backlogs and other important revenue trends,
  • predicts contractual write-offs and errors in payments, and
  • makes financial analytics of each payor and analysis of anticipated changes to allowed amounts available for review.

Healthcare Contract Management Best Practices

Contract Management Software Benefits

Gain real revenue power – with the ability to predict your revenue cycles.
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