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Infinx helps you realize revenue

We provide revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions for healthcare practices. Combining the strength of our cloud-based RCM platforms with our expert team of certified medical coders and billing specialists, we deliver solutions that focus on increasing revenue and improving cash flow. We enable clients to shift emphasis from administrative details to billable patient care.

Backed by forty years of consistent innovation in the Tandon Group of companies, Infinx is a dynamic partner for the healthcare industry.

Meet our team

We are headquartered in San Jose, California with facilities in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Hyderabad, India. Our 2000 employees are passionately committed to our company’s vision of improving patient care while reducing costs. Our seasoned executives guide a team that never stops creating more and better services for you. With one of the lowest turnover rates in the medical services industry, we are consistently rated “the happiest BPO” company in the business.

Sandeep Tandon Managing Director

Impressive 20 year track record with Tandon Group, founding and growing multiple technology start-ups.

Jaideep Tandon Joint Director

Leading the expansion of Tandon Group globally and driving strategic direction for its operating businesses.

Hiren Kulkarni Chief Executive Officer

Oversees all global operations, sales and marketing for Infinx, as well as executing the company’s strategic direction.

Raghunath Giliyaru Vice President - Operations

Responsible for Infinx's global solution delivery operations across all locations and exceeding customer service levels.

Sameer Sheth Vice President - Business Development

Focuses on developing strategic partnerships for Infinx, and leads western U.S. sales.

Mike Hagan Vice President - East Coast Sales

20 years experience helping hospitals and physicians meet their business process challenges.

Rajesh Chemburkar Vice President - HR, Admin & IT

15 years experience managing essential day-to-day operations for Tandon Group companies.

Derek Taylor (Pharm. D.) Sr. Director, Client Services

Responsible for all pharmacy client services and delivery operations.

Varsha Pagare Asst. VP of Marketing & Communication

Oversees global marketing and communication in collaboration with digital marketing team at Tandon Group.

We provide effortless solutions

We nurture a company culture that is creative, focused on you, and always innovating. We continually refine and create technology tools, based on user-centered design, and pair them with strong, long-term engagements that help you realize revenue. With easy, frictionless, technology-led business process solutions, we help you:

  • Take better advantage of data for strategic planning
  • Reduce errors
  • Provide a higher level of patient care
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Address hidden costs in financial accounting
  • Address payors and providers with mutual data and processes on a single platform
  • Keep you compliant with HIPAA state and federal regulations


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Why we do what we do

Our mission is to help you realize maximum revenue.

Our vision is a stronger American healthcare system with improved patient care at reduced overhead costs. It can happen.

Through constant, agile, and deep engagement with our healthcare customers, we combine innovative, secure, cloud-based technology with robust, efficient support services to simplify healthcare providers’ everyday administrative tasks—preauthorizations, medical coding, and effective patient billing, supplemented with actionable analytics.

With our 40-year legacy of innovative products and services, we can develop and implement the right revenue cycle management (RCM) solution for you. From ambulatory care to radiology, rely on us to optimize profitability of your practice.

That is the Infinx difference.

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