Healthcare Analytics

Infinx puts your data to work to increase revenue and ROI

To improve cash flow, you need tools that quickly identify revenue-generating process gaps. We know healthcare RCM and we understand your revenue frustrations and challenges. That is why we make critical data visible in all our solutions, and use results to help you improve performance and projections with smart analysis.

Increasing revenue requires insightful healthcare analytics

We understand that practice survival and growth can only occur on a foundation of healthy RCM. We can help you:

  • manage productivity and quality at each revenue process level.
  • monitor and assess performance of your staff for each process in the coding/billing/A/R process.
  • facilitate the analysis and interpretation of data through trend analytics.
  • communicate faster in real time, manage teams effectively, and improve relationships with referring providers.

Analyze each step of your RCM cycle

Remove delays and speed improvements to your bottom line. Our solutions use data at every stage of the RCM cycle to make your revenue stream more robust. And, it does it with triple-level security so that you, and only you, see the details.

Keep an eye on the performance of your team

Monitor and assess performance of your staff during each step of the preauthorization, coding and billing RCM stages. Manage and resolve queries, and keep members updated on projects on a regular basis.

Improve ROI with data

The right healthcare analytics solution can help to increase revenue and improve ROI for your practice. We know RCM. We understand your revenue frustrations and challenges. That is why we make reports and critical data visible within a single platform, helping to remove delays and quickly increase your bottom line.

We can help you manage data to increase revenue and improve ROI. Contact us today about our healthcare analytics solutions.Contact us today.

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