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Order Processing

Order processing is a critical business function, irrespective of the type of business transactions. An efficient order processing system helps strengthen client relationship and ultimately assists in building customer loyalty. A proactive sales approach met with lagging time delivery leaves a bad impression on your customers, while a seamless delivery order process system gives you the right competitive advantage in the business. Outsourcing sales order processing provides a huge potential for startups to provide high quality service, while concentrating on the core competencies of their business.


Infinx provides order-processing services to deliver superior quality and cost effective solutions to your business. We strongly recommend them to focus on their core functions in order to stay abreast in a competitive market scenario. The most feasible solution is to outsource non-core functions of the business to specialized partners.


With Infinx as your outsourcing partner, you can ensure that all the orders are processed accurately and your team will not miss any critical leads.

We provide the following order processing services:

  • Sales Order Processing
  • Cash Application Services
  • Refund and Reconciliation

The order processing team’s expertise aims to provide high client satisfaction with cost effectiveness for the business and a robust order fulfillment service. Your association with us can help you draw the following advantages:

  • A dedicated order processing team
  • Turnaround time as low as 15 minutes
  • By outsourcing the processing work, the sales and marketing teams can channelize their entire efforts on generating leads
  • The order processing teams provide relevant insights about customers that can assist future business decisions of the organization
  • All compliance and regulatory specifications can be fulfilled by Infinx team that is related to order processing
  • Domain experts provide detailed analysis and reports that help you to manage your inventory levels efficiently
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