Document Management Solutions


For every organization, indexing should ideally be initiated as soon as any records or documents are received. Aside from saving time, indexing allows businesses to provide structure to their vast and unfiltered documents into an organized and easily accessible systematic data. Indexing requires high levels of quality, accuracy and attention to detail to ensure an organized structure that would allow people to sift through medical data with ease.


Infinx provides end-to-end data capture services through high quality and cost effective solutions. We provide services for high volume medical indexing such as forms processing, online / offline extraction from the web, key from images and much more. We are the leading service provider, offering high levels of efficiency, security and cost savings.


Our offshore medical indexing services come with a highly flexible and configurable workflow management system that is prepared as per the client’s requirements. Our years of experience as an integrated IT and BPO team allows Quick Project setup time within 2-3 days. We provide active solutions with speed and consistent accuracy with manual and automated data capture using OCR technology.

Our services include:

  • Health claims processing
  • EOB processing
  • Survey forms
  • Title Plant indexing
  • Home Loan forms
  • Litigation documents
  • Bills of lading
  • Freight documents
  • Utility bills
  • Cheque entries
  • Shipping invoices, and many more

Infinx Advantage:

  • With the help of our cost effective model, innovative workflow and monitoring system, we provide the right security to your data during the indexing process.
  • Our in-house supervisory team tracks all documents and data in real-time basis. This ensures that every data in the extraction workflow process is accounted for, to prevent any misplaced documents.
  • Our team ensures that all the information is captured and indexed accurately, as per the quality standards and within the timelines agreed with the client.
  • We also extend our indexing services to trial insurance companies in the US. Our team has the right expertise in Title Insurance across various states and the capability to handle large volumes of work in adherence to SLA, making us an ideal offshore service provider.
  • We provide competitive prices and deliver with stringent turnaround time.