Medical Billing Denials and Solutions

Did you know that medical denials are cash cows? Well, it’s milking time.

Denial management in medical billing is time consuming and confusing for untrained staff. For most, it’s a “rainy day” task. That’s one reason why recent studies have found that the majority of practices leave 35% of their revenue on the table.

Medical billing denials have a bad habit of languishing in office piles. Every denial is cash in the corner. It’s time to get on the case of denials management and appeal every single one – every single time.

Medical Billing Denial Management Process

Like a dog with a bone, our billing specialists tracks every single denial. We examine denials line by line and appeal them – without delay. We track the appeals so your money isn’t lost in the system. Then we educate your staff about the issues that led to the denial to extract recurring problems, improve process efficiency and increase revenue.

More Medical Billing Denials You Appeal, the More Money You Receive

Here’s the bottom line. Managing denials means managing your money. That’s because the more denied claims that you appeal the more money you will receive. And you will be ahead of the game; for most practices 50-60% of claims denials go unworked.

The average practice leaves 35% of their revenue on the table. Why not start managing your denials and increasing your revenue right away?

Our Medical Billing Denials Solution

It’s not just a matter of well-trained staff and correcting medical coding errors. Denial management in medical billing is a complex process woven from fine details that begin with posting of the denial and end with analysis of the fiscal impact on the practice. Along the way it is essential to track payment posting and manage denials.

Infinx knows and manages all the details in between. We know the way. View this map to see how we navigate this complex process and arrive at more money for your practice.

How Infinx’s Medical Billing Denial Management Process Works

How this technology will benefit you

Medical Billing Denials and Solutions

Our Results

With our solution, you will realize

  • 5% more revenue with our root cause analysis service
  • 1% more revenue with our always on time follow up for all denials

Time is money. Managing denials increases both for you.
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