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Whatever your need, our team of healthcare domain experts and technology architects can create a customized solution for you.

With Infinx you rest assured there is a suite of solutions to aid your workflow, your billing, and your revenue. We accelerate your RCM management and help you realize revenue. Alongside our timely, accurate services, we can craft an end-to-end solution for you.

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For your revenue cycle management, Infinx has solutions for every step:

Case Study :

Delivering High-Quality Radiology Services for 750,000 Patients

Our client is a pioneer in providing superior quality and cost effective imaging solutions for 30 years. They serve 750,000 patients with more than 4 million diagnostic radiology and imaging procedures every year. Growing fast, now in six different states, they are organized as a network of 250+ fully-owned facilities.

Their scope of services includes modalities, utilization review, and quality assurance and physician referral to medical centers. They offer PET/CT, MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography, ultrasound & X-ray services. They needed help with organizing patient care, processing requests with insurers, reducing errors in coding files, and help organizing their teams to get information when they needed it.

For their radiology services, Infinx developed a step-wise workflow management tool for managing end-to-end work-allocation and resource management, which included process tracking, queue management and administration.

To help them with insurers, Infinx’s iBridge SaaS solution helped them to manage preauthorization of their different services with an end-to-end automated process, reducing time on this process by 90%.

For their business processes for billing, Infinx moved the team from using external processes to making one-stop postings for payments due which was updated in real time. This reduced turn around time (TAT) to 24 hours 100% of the time and reducing errors to less than 0.1%.

Finally, for their coding needs the Infinx team helped by auditing and retraining the on-site team, then created 24×7 support with regular checks by Infinx team radiologists. Time to code a file was cut in half and coding errors reduced to almost none.

Today, the Infinx team provides regular business intelligence reports to the radiology network. They help maintain all the daily dashboards to keep real-time data in the hands of the radiology teams. Finally, Infinx restructured data security for the network, so there is seamless sharing of documents but restricted by what security level a team member needs to help them remain HIPAA compliant.

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