Credit Balance Resolution

Streamline credit balance management to ensure compliance and accurate accounting with Infinx medical billing solutions

Credit balances are regulated by law. They must be resolved and cannot linger. You do not want unresolved credit balances in your accounts receivable reports, or you risk misstating your revenues. Worse, public payors are regulated by law on overpayments, and they want their money back. If you fail to reimburse it, you are levied a fine. Several fines may result in your facility falling out of financial compliance.

That’s why Infinx pays attention to this often overlooked element of the accounts receivable process. You need to make sure that every adjustment, every credit made in error, every double payment is checked every day.

Our medical billing solution protects you while resolving your credit balance

With the help of our medical billing automated processes, we ensure that payment duplications, incorrect billing, errors in patient estimations, and other coding errors are minimized, preventing your credit balance from growing.

How this technology will benefit you

Our medical billing solutions protect you and your revenue.
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InfinxCredit Balance Resolution