A unique and powerful product architecture to make your healthcare RCM future ready. Ready-made key performance indicators provide evaluation at a glance. See what’s working and what’s not and conduct intensive root cause analysis to improve performance.

Data, in all its forms – big, small, descriptive, or prescriptive – is best used when analyzed to build a culture of intent. For an organization dealing in healthcare and related industry, a lot of insights go undetected. Key patterns, trends, and opportunities are such core concerns which, if not predicted intelligently, can result in a failure of overall business strategy.

The Infinx advantage

ClaimAssure is a proven business analytics and benchmarking product specialized in healthcare RCM. It is a way to definitively, consciously, and quantifiably measure and improve RCM performance. Using it leads to clear improvement translating to:

  • Optimized billing
  • Increased collections
  • Reduced collection time
  • Reduced denial rate
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Higher RCM vendor/team accountability

Product Core Functions:

  1. Evaluate organization wide revenue cycle management performance based on industry accepted key performance indicators
  2. Evaluate individual business units such as locations, practices within the organization using standard KPIs and benchmark all entities against each other for comparative performance analysis
  3. Conduct intensive root cause analysis to understand performance by drill downs on key aspects
    • Performance by payors, value buckets and specialties for each business unit
    • Process wise attribution of denial reasons to assess quality of processes within RCM workflow
    • Trends of performance over time (monthly, quarterly, yearly units)
  4. Set priorities for improvement by answering key strategic questions –
    • Which business units need the most attention for improvement?
    • Which KPIs need the most attention for improvement?
    • Which processes need the most attention for improvement?
  5. Set goals for business units to improve performance –
    • Improvement of an individual business unit based on median organization wide KPI benchmarks
    • Improvement of an individual business unit based on another business unit KPI benchmarks
    • Improvement of an individual business unit based on strategic custom KPI values
  6. Track Outcomes to validate set goals –
    • Periodic performance score cards to evaluate target v/s current KPI based performance
    • Analysis of quantified change in performance to track trajectory of improvement
  7. Cross link to tactical/operational performance tracking to achieve strategic KPI improvement goals using Infinx’s TrackAssure –
    • ClaimAssure’s strategic KPIs are broken down into tactical KPIs that can be measured operationally
    • TrackAssure (ClaimAssure linked version) provides dashboards and drill downs to track performance of the tactical KPIs on a day to day operational level
    • Improving tactical KPIs on TrackAssure will thus lead to direct positive impact on improvement in ClaimAssure’s strategic KPIs