Charge Entry

If it’s not charged accurately, it can’t be reimbursed

A healthy revenue stream depends on timely entry of patient demographic data, complex medical codes and insurance details. Process delays and incorrect entries impacts reimbursements down the line. Let’s get back to basics and get cash in the door with Infinx charge entry solutions.

It’s all about best practices. Really. It’s that simple.

The only way to increase reimbursements for your practice is to have a specialized system that facilitates detailed data entry, comprehensive charge capture and the constant discovery and elimination of errors.

That is precisely what we bring to your practice – accurate entry of patient demographic data, assignment of relevant medical codes to the service delivered and calculation of charges for the services rendered. It all adds up to clean claims, proper billing and timely reimbursement for you.

We reduce your charge entry costs while increasing billing revenue

With fast and accurate patient data entry, quick access to all relevant documents, and smooth communication between our team and yours, we can reduce your charge entry costs by up to 40%.

Charge entry is first step in improving payment velocity

We ensure correct data entry for clean claims later

Our guaranteed 24-hour turnaround time will help keep your medical accounts receivable management under control. We ensure clean claims enter your system with the following protocol:

  • Create an individual account for each new patient and assign relevant charges for the medical care delivered.
  • Gather and input at least 30 fields of patient demographic and insurance data in the claim form.
  • Research, verify and revise data and codes to ensure accuracy, avoid denials and then submit claims electronically to the insurer.

How this technology will benefit you

Streamlined processes benefit doctors and patients

Contact us to find out how our charge entry solutions will hardwire accuracy and speed into your reimbursement processes.

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