Business Process Automation

Beyond the traditional business environments of strategic positioning and operational efficiency, it is important to continuously refine processes that profoundly impact the fortunes of all players large and small.

Every time your organization interacts with a customer, it must deliver excellence to create an impact. Business Process Automation provides a more intelligent foundation for improving customer-facing processes. It blends people and work with greater precision and applies the proven communications technologies to optimize processes for interaction management and customer service.

The Infinx advantage

Infinx has developed various success driven automated tools for clients that enable them to manage their business processes explicitly, achieve greater efficiency and handle tactical projects that are timely bound by simplifying their workflow. We differentiate ourselves as solution consultants as our technology expertise not only has in-depth knowledge and understanding of various platforms and technologies, but also possess strong functional knowledge across various business verticals which help us go beyond just deploying a technical tool to designing a techno-functional solution.

Benefits with Business Process Automation

  • Manage work allocation through intelligent routing or queuing, manage a strict security and control
  • Real-time monitoring and customized detailed reporting
  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Speed-up performance through simplified workflow
  • Can improve audit trial – find out who did what and when
  • Improve visibility by gather data and presenting it via dashboards
  • Accelerate processes on mobile devices by digitizing and routing documents from multiple locations at any time.

Infinx methodology for designing an automation solution

  • Analyze and Optimize
  • Objectives and Strategy Design Methodology
  • Solution Modeling and Workflow Design & Engineering
  • Solution Analysis and Benefit Mapping
  • Implementation and Delivery
InfinxBusiness Process Automation