Business Analytics

Leverage the power of analytical approach to minimize risk, streamline operations, improve efficiency, develop alternate channels, and get reliable reports when and where you need them – because strategic business decisions cannot be left to guess work.

Today’s enterprises are creating an immeasurable amount of unstructured data. From customers’ details to delivery schedules and budgets specificaions, the true potential of interpreting and processing information is rarely realized. Every purchase, tweet, or customer interaction carries a business value that can help in discovering new ways to plan and optimize business operations. When analyzed smartly, these can promote a deeper understanding of critical challenges in any business area and create new ways to take a corrective action to fix unforeseen challenges.

The Infinx advantage

Infinx offers comprehensive Business Intelligence Solutions catering to the needs of the industry. Our experienced consultants have designed and led multiple BI projects with proven methodologies, tools, and best practices to bring insight and innovation to clients’ businesses. Our continuous investment in research & development, technology tools, and key partnerships has helped them to establish a rich, reliable and effective business framework.

Apart from that, our following sub services blend with on-site, nearshore, and offshore resources to help us reach out globally and deliver, regardless of project or geographic complexity.

Predictive Analytics and Data Mining

Infinx’s Predictive Analytics solution transform data into predictive insights that help you to identify potential risks, trends and patterns in your business so that you are prepared to act before the problem occurs. These also help you forecast and plan strategies related to revenue management for better revenue realization.

Process Analytics

Process Analytics is a combined study of functions, processes, workflow, people, data that define the overall hygiene of your processes with the help of statistics in the form of analytical dashboards. Our process analytical solution focuses on process updates and changes, performance statistics, KPIs, various reporting metrics that help our clients analyze and monitor their processes on a daily basis.

Financial/ Revenue Analytics

To help you know the financial key drivers of your business, factors resulting in profitability or loss, cash flows based on historical trend in order to help you create plans and forecast revenue based on historical trends and future predictions. Revenue Analytics help business owners to measure the key performance indicators that drive success to the business and gaps that affect the financial performance of their business growth.

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