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Eliminating the “Revolving Door” with Effective Pharmacy Staffing

Today on our blog, we’d like to pivot to our expanding pharmacy solutions. When we introduce ourselves to prospective pharmacy customers, we ask them how they would evaluate the state of their current operations--what would ...
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Efficient Pre-Registration – The Foundation of Patient Engagement

In our rapidly evolving post-ACA landscape, healthcare practices are having problems adapting to changing needs for patient engagement—described as encouraging the patient to take a more active role in their own care and treatment through ...

Are Fixable A/R Issues Bottlenecking Your Practice’s Profits?

Healthcare practices­­ large and small ­­are subject to the same accounting pitfalls as any other business: The numbers “on the books” never seem to match the hard dollars entering the bank account ­­and not in ...
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Are Common Mistakes Limiting Your Radiology Revenue?

Unlike other medical specialties, radiology groups rely upon maximized revenue from higher volumes of daily procedures at generally lower per-patient costs. This means maintaining a steady flow of insurance reimbursements--Medicare or third-party payors--with minimal delays ...

Reputation is Everything: Don’t Take HIPAA Data Security for Granted

In an age where full-scale cyber attacks and massive data breaches seem to grab headlines every month, consumers are more paranoid than ever about the security of their personal data. Hackers around the globe covet ...
Medicare ICD 10 coding deadline blog

Are You Prepared for Tougher Medicare Coding Reviews?

When the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced October 1, 2015 would mark the official switchover to the new ICD-10 coding standard, healthcare providers across America circled their calendars with deep concern. With ...