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Mobile Device Security in Healthcare

Mobile Device Security a Concern as Use Grows in Healthcare

Mobile Devices in Healthcare Spark Security Concerns With an estimated 237 million smartphone users in the United States today, it would seem most everyone today has one. Newer generations of smartphones and tablets are lighter, ...

Electronic PHI, HIPAA, and Patient Access Barriers

In the early 1990s, it became apparent that computerizing medical records would improve efficiency within the healthcare industry. This brought to the fore various related issues such as forming new standards for portability of the ...
Improve your revenue cycle with Infinx Patient Access Software in 2018

Why Patient Access Is Key to Improving Your Revenue Cycle

What is Patient Access? Patient access means different things to different people in the healthcare industry. For patients and their families, patient access refers to their ability to take charge of their health care. For ...
Streamline Prior Authorizations with Infinx AMA Association in 2018

AMA Association with Big Payors Promises to Streamline Prior Authorizations

Prior authorization is a part of the health care cost-control process that requires providers to obtain approval from health insurance companies (payors) before providing a service so that they may qualify for payment. Prior authorization ...
Infinx Inc's Prior Authorization Toolkits

Prior Authorization Toolkits Save Time, Money and Getting Lost Along the Way

If you wanted to drive to the convenience store to buy a gallon of milk, you would take the shortest, straightest route, right? But what if local regulations required that you drive three blocks north, ...
Prevent Hospital Readmissions with Infinx's Long Term Care Pharmacy Plans

LTC Pharmacy Services Help Prevent Hospital Readmissions

All too often in the current healthcare climate, patients are transferred from hospitals to long-term care facilities only to be readmitted back to the hospital. Why do hospital readmissions continue to occur time and time ...
Widespread Electronic Prior Authorization Standards

Widespread Electronic Prior Authorization Standards

Electronic prior authorization standards (ePA) are a great idea. They can streamline prior authorization workflow for physicians, shrink delays in patient care, and automate burdensome manual processes. Despite those benefits, professional medical associations and state ...
Pharmacy Guidelines for Human Capital Management in 2018

Pharmacist Guidelines for Human Capital Management

Human capital management (HCM) is the comprehensive set of practices for recruiting, managing, developing and optimizing the human resources of an organization. While in school, pharmacists receive limited education regarding HCM or on pharmacy management ...