Application Migration & Re-engineering

Application Migration & Modernization

With over 65% mainframe and legacy systems applications requiring modernization and upgradation of their IT application environment, it is now the time to migrate from older platforms and minimize your business continuity risk.

In a global organization, data, code, and processes together correspond to a significantly higher investment, which can continue delivering its value only if it is managed intelligently and cost effectively. There is a need to migrate from legacy systems to newer, more distributed architectures that can meet today’s more stringent business demands.

The Infinx advantage

Infinx can help your enterprise take the pressure off from its core business assets by enriching, modernizing, and stretching the design of those assets well beyond their original scope. We see Application migration and Modernization as the process of pushing more functionality in the legacy systems and developing their usability without rewriting the existing code from a scratch.

We enable existing IT applications and products to leverage the latest technologies so you can improve business functionality and performance. Our Application Re-Engineering, Migration & Modernization Solutions Include:

  • Functional Need Analysis – Analysis and rationalization, restructuring and partitioning, roadmap definition.
  • Migration Services – Legacy to next-generation platforms, database migration, language/code migration, Operating System migration
  • Extend Services – Feature enhancement, web enablement, functionality ad-on, and application navigation improvement.

We can also assist you in tackling any obstacle to application modernization by proactively managing and controlling the change to software assets in diverse development environments. While working on the project, our team works to improve mainframe interactions with other platforms and simplify application architectures for prolonged usability. It takes a holistic approach to provide a consistent paradigm to minimize risk exposure and improve development agility.

InfinxApplication Migration & Re-engineering