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Our experienced healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) specialists and cloud-based software tools can decrease your time spent on non-billable work, while increasing revenue, and improving cash flow for your practice. The more time you spend on administrative tasks, the less time you can bill for patient care. 

We can help you realize 32% more revenue. Read on to learn how.

Our Healthcare RCM Solutions


Get faster approvals and reduce denials with our pre-visit insurance verification, patient pay estimate and preauthorization solutions.

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Medical Coding

Increase ICD-10 claims accuracy with our medical coding and audit solutions by our experienced certified coding specialists.

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Medical Billing

Shorten billing-to-cash cycles, improve cash flow and your RCM yield with our suite of medical billing solutions.

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Streamline Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Service For All Medical Systems

Doctors dedicate on average one day per week on administrative tasks, and specialists spend more than a day on those same tedious tasks. Those are precious hours of patient care lost to non-billable work.

It’s time to stop and reassess. Reassign administrative duties to trusted RCM Healthcare Services and software, and return to revenue producing patient care. Our skilled specialists and cloud based software tools can help preserve your profit margin, and improve healthcare RCM yield.

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“We have saved 50% of our costs with Infinx. Now there are no appointment cancellations. Our urgent preauthorization requests are processed on time, and our physicians no longer have to manage insurance companies.”

Billing Manager
Radiology Group in California
Patient satisfaction is required as a revenue driver

Patient satisfaction is required as a revenue driver

Patient care remains complex yet patient satisfaction can be accomplished with the right RCM solutions to help you get to patient care faster, as well as inform your patient on their payment obligations prior to administering care. It’s time that efficiency in revenue cycle management was delivered to your door.

A new frontier built on old-fashioned values? You bet. Can we get you there? Yes, we can.

Let Infinx help you power your healthcare revenue cycle.Contact us to speak to a revenue cycle management specialist today.

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